What We Do

Our Lady's Ministry is a non-profit organization that brings spiritual and material assistance to the poor, countries that have suffered natural disasters, inmates, seminarians and institutions that are most in need. Private benefactors support us financially, materially or by offering their voluntary help. This Ministry and its lay missionaries evangelize by means of the Word of God and carry out the teachings, doctrines and works of charity that are in conformity with the Catholic Church.

“The poor are great people, they give us much more than we give to them. We must love them not by feeling pity for them, we must love them because it is Jesus in the distressing disguise of the poor.”
(St. Teresa of Calcutta)

Our call is a mission of love to spread God’s unconditional love as we minister to the poorest of the poor throughout the world. As members of Our Lady’s Ministry we prepare material donations to distribute to the poor, but just as important, we prepare ourselves spiritually through prayer. We believe without the Spirit of Jesus in our lives, we will not be able to recognize the suffering Christ in the poor and in the work we do.

As St. Teresa of Calcutta in her humility reminds us,
“The fruit of Prayer is faith
The fruit of Faith is love.
The fruit of Love is service.
The fruit of Service is Peace.”

Our Directors

Carlos & Jorge

Fr. John Fletcher

Spiritual Director of Our Lady’s Ministry
Fr. John Fletcher is a member of the order of the Companions of the Cross. He is a University Chaplin at the Newmen Center at Wayne State University in Detriot and a Military Chaplin. He is also a frequent radio talk host on (Ave Maria Radio) Tuesday mornings at 9:30am Eastern Time.

GCarlos & Jorge

Carlos & Jorge

Cousins Carlos and Jorge each gave up their successful careers to follow the inspiration and call they had in their heart. They co-founded Our Lady's Ministry and co-direct its weekly prayer group, fundraisers, and mission trips. What they have been able to accomplish working with the poor through God's help, and the assistance of Our Lady's Ministry members and benefactors, is nothing short of a miracle.

Carlos & Jorge


Executive Secretary of Our Lady’s Ministry
Arlene, a Registered Nurse by trade, plays an intricate role in Our Lady’s Ministry. Her talents and duties go beyond the organizing of mission trips, prayer groups, fundraisers and so much more. What she does for OLM comes straight from her heart.